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Comfort Food

The podcast about the joys (and meltdowns!) of feeding our families and ourselves.

Every week we examine how diet culture, body image issues and our own hectic lives get in the way of putting a dinner on the table that we can all feel good about. And we offer practical, road-tested tips to help you make peace with your own eating (or your kid's picky eating!) and find more joy in your family's food life.

Hosted by best friends and writers Amy Palanjian (creator of the popular blog Yummy Toddler Food) and Virginia Sole-Smith (author of The Eating Instinct).

Aug 22, 2019

Whether you have a kiddo in a high weight percentile, or barely on the growth chart, chances are you’ve had at least one pediatrician visit where you left stressed out about growth curves. Today we’re discussing the limitations of the Body Mass Index, how to keep growth chart percentiles in perspective and celebrate your kid at any size. Plus we give reviews of our new favorite body positive online workouts — One Peleton and The Underbelly!

Visit for all the links, articles and other resources discussed in this episode. Have you dealt with a frustrating growth chart conversation — or do you have a favorite online workout for us? Email or find us on social: @v_solesmith and @yummytoddlerfood.